Our experience extends in multiple industries
Be it insurance, steel, social media or crypto-currency, our industry experience has been myriad and wonderful.
You can catch a glimpse of the diverse range of industries that we have worked with from the ones enlisted below. We look forward to more such opportunities by continuous and improved service towards our clients.
Bizotics is glad to have worked with an interesting lot some of which are:
Bryzos is a client company that came up with a brand new initiative of building an online steel marketplace. We have been involved with bryzos since it’s birth and the product has been engineered, developed and maintained by our team. We have helped them facilitate the exchange between buyers and sellers that is set to transform the steel industry in US.
Aditya Birla Health Insurance
Aditya Birla Capital Limited is a part of the Aditya Birla Group, a US$ 48.3 billion Indian multinational, in the league of Fortune 500. Bizotics is one of their preferred vendor for technology and resourcing.
Canvs is a design company providing design as a service. We are there technology partners.
CareClues is digital health company. It helps to connect the right patient to the right doctor for complete user satisfaction. We assist them in Front End development.
Eight Capital
The firm’s primary focus is investing in distressed debt and other special situation investments in India. We had built end to end investment portal for their HNI customers to help them to track their investment portfolio with the company.
InTrade is a currency trading platform for market makers. The platform is used internally by banks. We have engineered and developed the UI for this system using bleeding technolies like React, Redux, Redux-Observable, Web Sockets, OpenFin.
Z-rupee is a payment gateway which is a venture into the cashless business industry. Bizotics has worked with them on part of their software.
Synergy is rewriting next-gen versions of software Macereperetory and RefernceWorks. This is about a complete redesigning of the product so that a lot of code base can be shared across desktop and web versions of the software.
This is a client with whom we were engaged in some high end experimental work in communication bots.
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